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FG Responsible for Incessant Killings By Herdsmen –  Ubani ……Told To Overhaul Security Apparatus

by timenews
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The federal government has been blamed for the continued incessant killings by Fullani herdsmen and kidnappings in the country.

The President of Igbo Speaking Community in Lagos, Chief Ebere Ubani who voiced this while speaking with Timenewsreporter faulted the way and manner the President Muhammad Buhari led administration is handling the activities of the herdsmen which  shows pure favoritism.

Chief Ubani regretted that many lives and properties had been wasted by this group , yet Government has not taken drastic measure to end this ugly trend nor made any categorical statement against this inhuman action of these murderers.

He said the inability of the Federal government to proscribed or declare Fulani herdsmen a terrorist group despite their herenious activities and genocide killings in the county.

Chief Ubani who is also a businessman pointed out that the Fulani herdsmen who goes about with AK 47 killing, rapping women on their farmlands, roads and homes without being arrested nor prosecuted at the court of law, speaks volume.

He wondered why Federal government had to proscribed IPOB a terrorist group, being a peaceful and loyal body who makes their demand in a more matured way.

The Igbo Speaking President who is also a retired Police Officer called on president Buhari to as a matter of urgency overhaul his security chiefs and other officers in order to address the situation stressing that they have over stayed their welcome and therefore have nothing more to offer.
“The security personnel in the country especially, Nigerian Police Force is grossly inefficient and ineffective as a result of lack of arms and ammunitions to march force with force in combating crimes in the country.
“How much is their salary. What about their welfare. How can they discharge their duties effectively under this situation? What type of results are we expecting from them? The only thing we know is to wait and see when they take bribe and it will be published. Let us not pretend as if all is well. All is not well in Nigeria. Things have fallen apart”,he opined.

He further urged the president to bring new Security chiefs with new working ideas on how best to confront the security challenges facing the country before it becomes too late.
“I am not saying that Brutal and his team have not tried, No. What I am saying is that, we need new people with new and best ideas. Nigerians are under torment. We are living in fear. Our roads are bad and not safe any longer because of herdsmen attack and kidnapping activities. Lives are being taken or slaughtered on daily basis without remorse or check.
“When the former Inspector General of Police was changed and replaced, things began to change. That’s what I mean.
“Brutal has written his name in gold. Let others do same too. Let them not consider this clamour for a change as witch hunting. This new Fulani herdsmen should be flushed out from this nation”, he concludes.

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