Home News CRFFN COMMITTEE ON RESEARCH & INTERNATIONAL LIASON GIVES ACCOUNT OF STEWARDSHIP UNDER ONE YEAR . ….Called for Modernization of Terminal Operations for ports efficiency.

CRFFN COMMITTEE ON RESEARCH & INTERNATIONAL LIASON GIVES ACCOUNT OF STEWARDSHIP UNDER ONE YEAR . ….Called for Modernization of Terminal Operations for ports efficiency.

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The Council for the Regulation of Freight forwarding in Nigeria ( CRFFN )  has called for the modernization of the Terminal Operation for efficiency  of the port.
The Committee Chairman, Research and International  Liason,Council for the Regulation of Freight forwarding in Nigeria ( CRFFN ),  Chief Increase Uche made the call while addressing maritime journalists on the achievements of the Committee under one year during a Round Table meeting organised by the Maritime Reporters  Association of Nigeria ( MARAN )in Lagos.

He said the Committee discovered that such modernization  was yet to be seen, stressing that if the modernization had taken its place , there wouldn’t be congestion at the port as well as pilling of eventry in the port terminals,  cargo delay  including loading, delivery and full automation of their system.
“We have made enquiry into some of these areas and we have seen the lapses that the terminals needs to be improved upon.
“Now look at the entire Shipping sector, today the size of vessel used in moving containers is increasing . The volume of cargo being moved par hall by a vessel is increasing every day but port facility still remain the same which is a very big gap. That is exactly what is happening here that with this kind of terminal and  the batch area that can never take bigger vessels, there is no way the port can become competitive.  So reducing the cost of doing business cannot be seen until modernization of model that can guarantee that is put in place.

According to him, the Committee had also made a proposal to the Board,  having gone round the whole ports, visited private jetties in Nigeria, visited Bonded Terminals,  ICDs, and made inquiries on other ICDS that had received approval for establishment that are yet to come on board. 

On Shipping Companies operations ,Chief Uche explained that they have carried out some assessments to discover the areas that needs some improvements in the course of cargo release  by the shipping companies as well considered the operations of the terminal operators  and have submitted a comprehensive report, and a road map that would enable the Council to pursue vividly in getting a freight forwarding  sub- sector, place on the right pedestal. 

“With  what we have done now, we have discovered that there is need to carry out a comparative study,  look into what is going on in Cotonu, Ghana Ivory Coast within the sub-region and try again to compare and access the entire system to know the best way of modelling our own cargo clearing process here”, Uche said.
The Research and International Laison Committee Chairman who is also the National President of National Association of Government Approved Freight Forwarders ( NAGAFF) pointed out that one of the most confronting issue even as CRFFN was established  was the slowing down the pace of getting the entire system sanitized by those Customs Agents who still  claimed that they are not freight forwarders, as well as those describe freight forwarders as transporters.
He recalled that the Minister of Transport  pronounced that by 2020 nobody will operate as a Customs Licensed Agents or  carry out freight forwarding practice  without being registered fully with the Council for the Regulation of Freight forwarding in Nigeria.
“And not only your registeration, we have also discovered from my committee that registration  is not the only thing you are required to do. Registration first,then certification will be the final stage”, he added.

The CRFFN Committee Chairman further disclosed that his committee had proposed to make a comparative study in order to find out what is happening within the region,and to bring up a model comparably with what is happening in  other developed nations like Singapore ports , ATWEP,South African Port, Asia and Uganda ports which surpassed Nigeria in terms of logistics performance index, which according to him has given the Committee a serious concern.

Chief Uche disclosed that there is no uniformity in cargo clearance procedure in Nigeria , stressing that what is happening in Apapa is different from what obtains in Tincan port, KLT, Port-Harcourt  ports etc .

Aside from that, the committee also discovered there is a gap which had to do with creation of a  professional  arm of CRFFN that is yet to come on board to bring them to the level other professional body like ICAN, APAM, Pharmacists, Doctors, Engineers,  operate adding that as soon as it is accepted, then the area of professionalising the practice has been achieved.

The Committee has also made an input on who is a Freight Fowarder and who is a clearing agent on how the issue is going to be resolved, saying that such argument shouldn’t even exist in the first instance as freight forwarding is a clearing house and a compound name as far as moving  cargos from one point to another is concerned.
“For us to move from this level to where we suppose to be, we have proposed  to bring about that change,  Customs Brokerage  is  not known. There is nothing like Brokerage in Nigeria. There is no law establishing that. Customs brokering  is the current trend globally. Any body who is claiming to be a broker in Nigeria is impersonating.
“We are  also trying to inquire of the best practices in the industry because  as it is now, freight forwarding is yet to be fully recognized by the government despite the Act because a situation whereby negotiation is carried out on how International trade or how cargo would be contracted and freight forwarders are not consulted is a very big lapuna, and  that is the area that foreigners are having upper hand and taking over our business”, he concludes.

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