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NAGAFF Throws it’s Weight Behind Collection of POF

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The National Association of Government Approved Freight Forwarders ( NAGAFF ) has thrown it’s full weight behind the collection of the Professional Operations Fee (POF) following its inherent benefits accruing from it.

The Association made it’s stand known in a communique endorsed by the Chairman of the Board of Trustee, NAGAFF, Chief Chidiebere Enyelema after a brief meeting of the National Executive Council convened by the Founder of the Association, Dr. Boniface Aniebonam on Monday at its national Headquarters in Apapa, Lagos.

The Association vowed to do all within its power to support the smooth take off and implementation of the collection, stating that it’s national headquarters in conjunction with its members in the Governing Board of the Council For the Regulation of Freight forwarding in Nigeria ( CRFFN ) should come up with a strategy that would ensure the Association gets its fair share of the proceeds from the POF.

It warned that no member of NAGAFF should make further comments on the issue on any platform to the contrary, while urging CRFFN to ensure that the distribution of the proceeds from POFand the resources were done in accordance with the resolution of the Five accredited Associations in the last election.

NAGAFF further stated that, “that distribution of resources and proceeds of POF shall be based on accredited Associations other than Licenses issued by the Nigeria Customs Service.
“That CRFFN is for Freight Forwarders of Nigeria as a regulatory Agency of the Government and not for Licensed Customs Agents Associations as secondary Freight Forwarders.

According to the communique, the Association believes that the National Assembly is ever ready to make good laws for the good governance of our Country, therefor anybody wishing to approach the NASS for their own regulatory Agency like CRFFN is at liberty to do so.

It however advised practitioners to understand that CRFFN as it stands is an Agency of the Government, with all powers of cohesion to ensure that government carries on with its statutory functions as no court has voided the judgement of the court which pronounced CRFFN an Agency of the Government.

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