Home News Lagos State Government Launches New Articulated Plate Number. …. operation starts immediately. 

Lagos State Government Launches New Articulated Plate Number. …. operation starts immediately. 

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The Lagos State Government has launched the newly designed articulated/allied Vehicle Number Plate which it’s usage takes immediate effect.

Fielding questions from Journalists at the Occassion which also saw the unveiling of the new designed articulated plate numbers, the  General Manager, Moto Administration Agency, Mrs Lape Kilanko  called on Truck owners and other stakeholders to key into this new design which is also for security purposes, and ensure to obtain them.
She explained that those who have renewed their licensed from January till now, wilould convert from old ones  to new ones. For anyone from today, whose license would expire between today and tomorrow would be expected to change from the old one to the new one , whereas all the newly registered truck would  now have the new plate numbers.
“The purpose of this programme is,  we are stakeholders and partners, that’s why we are calling them to key into this new plate numbers. We have told them them their advantages, so we expect them to do the right thing from now. Start now, don’t wait.  The old one, you convert to the new design and for those buying new trucks, to come and buy the new design plate numbers. For those changing the old one, the prize is lower and for new plate numbers, the price is higher.
” Like we have said earlier, the most important thing is security. You find out that most people, for the fact that  we are using commercial plates for buses, lorry,  we have a common commercial plate. Now when we see ‘T’ that stands for trailer , we will know it is for trailer,   meant for trailer, not just for any commercial vehicle. It will tell specifically whether it a trailer, Lorry or a truck  before you start checking for any other information you want to.
“It will give us a detailed information on this type of trailer, how many of trailers we have in the country with the numbers, and we can plan better”,She opined.
The Lagos State Motor Administration Agency GM who disclosed of the availability of the new articulated plate numbers however warned against coverage of plate numbers by owners, describing it as illegal and unacceptable, adding that whoever is caught would be punished accordingly.
Speaking also on the ocassion, a retired permanent Secretary in Lagos State, Otumba Akin described the new innovation as an evidence that the country was changing for better, and expressed hope that the administration of the new scheme will be seamless and done through good governance.
He urged the managers to give adequate information to the public, arguing that as stakeholders, they should know what is their responsibility.
Mr. Otumba also advised Vehicle Inspection Officers, ,V.I.Os  to ensure that the vehicles on the roads are in good condition and must conform to the standard approved weight, while urging the Lagos State government to take advantage of this exercised , taking cognisance of the number of such to realise their revenue generation target

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