Home News Aniebonam Laments Over Undue Delay Of Cargo At Nigerian Ports………..Commissions NAGAFF 100% Compliance Ultra Modern Secretariat.

Aniebonam Laments Over Undue Delay Of Cargo At Nigerian Ports………..Commissions NAGAFF 100% Compliance Ultra Modern Secretariat.

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Pearl Ngwama

Founder, National Association of Government Approved Freight
Forwarders (NAGAFF), Dr. Boniface Aniebeonam, has lamented the undue
delay of cargo at port terminals while the operators will be
collecting charges from the importers and freight forwarders which is
contrary to the law.

This is just as he frowned at the actions of terminal operators stemming
containers to bonded terminals without the approval of the importers
or freight forwarders.
Aniebonam who was speaking at the Commissioning of the ‘NAGAFF 100 per
cent Compliance Team’ Complex, in Apapa, Lagos, recently,warned freight forwarders to desist from giving and taking
bribes in their port operations.
He made it clear that the commissioning of the 100 per cent Compliant Team marked the commencement of national revolution in the
Customs Port because the Team would ensure that the rule of law was maintained at the ports.
“This marks the commencement of national revolution in the
Customs Port. We have to partner with government to observe the rule
of law. Compliance is rule of engagement, compliance is obey the law;
we’re not in a Banana republic.
“One of our biggest challenge today is the stemming of cargoes meant
for Apapa and Tin Can Island ports to outer ports without the consent
of the importers or freight forwarders.
“The terminal operators take containers that their destination is
Apapa to another location, they collect their fees and the outer
terminal would still charge you money for what you didn’t even ask
“Nobody has the right to change the destination of a cargo; the
Shippers Council is already taking action on the matter.”
“I can refer you to section 19 of the Customs Law; the power of the
customs to stem cargo. I can refer you to Section 30 of the Customs
Law again which talks about the dwell time of cargo at the Port and it
states that, after 30 days, an ‘Uncleared Cargo List’ must be prepared
and the cargo moves out of the Port. But today, the cargo would be 90
days and above and the terminal would be collecting charges and this is contrary to the law.”
Continuing, Aniebonam warned  NAGAFF members against giving of
bribes to hasten the clearing of their cargoes while  advising the
Compliance Team members not to fight government officials but maintain
comportment at the ports as their job is observatory.
In his words: “Did they tell you that without giving bribe you cannot live?
“A lot of us are being intimidated at the ports but the director
generals of the various organisations working at the Port have never
asked anybody to go and collect bribe from anybody. So don’t be
intimidated and if such issues occur bring them up.
“Be a friend of somebody for who he is not because you want to get
something. When you do the wrong thing like cheating and bribery you
can’t make progress and you won’t be healthy. Every government
organisation in the port has responsibility and it is the freight
forwarders that will coordinate this; you must comply with all these
procedures and stop giving bribes.”He therefore, urged the freight forwarders to be professional in their
operations in order to earn respect in the society as well as
challenge their children to take up clearing and forwarding business
as a career.
“On this movement, a lot of people are panicking, especially people
who carry containers in the night, but the truth is that we cannot
continue this way, we must let the government know that we are
responsible people.
“From January to December you carry huge sums of money, but at the end
of the day, nothing is in your pocket, you cannot even dress well, you
are hypertensive because you are not doing the right thing,” he
pointed out.The NAGAFF Founder noted that most of the Compliance Committee members
would face oppositions at the ports but that they should ensure
decorum as a letter has gone out to the office of the Inspector
General of Police, informing him of the activities of the 100 per cent
Compliance Committee.
“You are going to face a lot of oppositions, as a Compliance Team
member your job is to observe; don’t engage in any discussion with
anybody, just watch what they are doing and take your inventory, if
you see anything to the contrary, send the report to the Committee and
they know what to do with it. Get your facts and report to the
headquarters, you do not need to fight. Why must we fight government
agencies – Police, NAFCDAC, and others? No, we need to follow rules.
“I want you to know what compliance is; we have to work with the
government, we have to follow the law. NAGAFF is
government approved. We have to partner with the government tobuild a better Nigeria,” he explained.
Aniebonam commended the efforts of the National Coordinator of the
Compliance Team, Alhaji Tanko Ibrahim, for adding great value to NAGAFF by establishing a befitting
headquarters and operation base for the Committee while challenging other leaders in NAGAFF to follow
the footsteps of Tanko and that of the former Chairman of the NAGAFF
Airport Chapter, Mr. Segun Musa.


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