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‘Under 40 CEOs’ stages five years anniversary of impact

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Under 40 CEOs, Africa’s leading business platform for young business leaders and aspiring entrepreneurs has announced its plan to impact businesses as it holds its five years anniversary celebration.

Since its launch in 2015, the platform has fostered an active community of young people who are leading the transformation of African economies. It is also nurturing the next generation of trailblaser and change drivers.

Over 100 episodes of media content featuring inspiring stories of young business leaders from East, West, and South Africa have been recorded. And several curate events have been organised. These include the Under 40 CEOs Forum, Under 40 CEOs Live, Under 40 CEOs Networking Events and an International Women’s Day event in Nigeria, Ghana, Rwanda, and South Africa.

Executive Director ‘Under 40 CEOs’ Africa, Familusi Babajide, while speaking on the anniversary, said: “Five years is a great milestone to recommit to our vision and mission. In these times, especially, young African business leaders have had to show resilience. At the Under 40 CEOs, we will continue the work of supporting these businesses to ensure that they not only survive but thrive.”

Ahead of the milestone celebration in October, the governing body of the Under 40 CEOs is opening up its platforms to several young entrepreneurs and aspiring executives, who possess the entrepreneurial qualities and drive, to spotlight and enable their businesses. It will also reward current members and new ones with premium offerings, as well as funding.

“555 new annual membership subscriptions including five Platinum memberships, 50 Bronze memberships and 500 Student memberships will be offered. All members, old and new, will be given free access to the course ‘Starting a business in Africa.’ The 5-module course is being designed and taught by subject matter experts within our community.

“Additionally, 50,500 copies of the book ‘Under 40 CEOs: How We Made It In Africa – Volume 1’ will be distributed for free. Five workstations will be allotted to five winning businesses based in Lagos, Nigeria for 12 months and seed funding to the tune of $1,300 (R22, 000/N500, 000/GHC7, and 500/RWFR1.23m) will be given to five winning businesses,” Familusi said.

Over the years, the Under 40 CEOs community has provided mentorship and networking opportunities, unlimited access to funding, as well as growth acceleration for members and programme participants. This year, the platform is pushing its people-centric mission even further. It continues to expand its reach and celebrate more African achievers across the business spectrum, inspiring hope in the continent’s young.

It is a community of young business leaders of African descent committed to empowering the next generation of business leaders.

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