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Obudu Mountain Resort Ready for Christmas Celebrations

by timenews
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With the recent influx of visitors to the Mountains of Obudu that had been quiet for some time, the Management of the Resort upbeat about the coming Christmas celebrations.

In view of this, the Management has announced that it has lined up lots of events and goodies to entertain the expected visitors in the busy and back to life environment at Obudu.

According to the Special Adviser on Obudu Mountain Resort, Mr. Bobby Ekpenyong, for the Christmas weekend there will many entertainment packages including the daily bonfire dances, water park parties and musical acts.

He disclosed that the famous Nigerian Comedian, Gordons will be performing at the Ranch on Christmas Eve.

He said: “We have worked hard and restored almost everything at the Ranch. The Cable Car is working again, the rooms are all receiving a touch up, the amenities getting attention. We are a work in progress taking lessons from the criticism and identified tags.”

Before last December the Resort had been shut amidst management issues but since his appointment, Ekpenyong had engaged the staff and nearby villagers to help restore Nigeria’s leading attraction back to life.

“Obudu is the number one tourist attraction in Nigeria, one of the ‘7 wonders of Nigeria,’ its appeals has never lessened even when it was shut down,” said Ikechi Ukoh, Founder 7 wonders of Nigeria.
Built since 1952, Obudu Moutains served as a ranch but was rebuilt as a resort by former Governor Dr. Donald Duke, who added new Mountain Villas and the Cable Car.

Obudu Mountain reception is at 1580 metres high while the Presidential Lodge and the Famous Angel’s View is at 2500 Metres.

There is a canopy walkway, a grotto and many waterfalls, Water Park and the Holy Mountains. “Obudu is Ready for the Tourists” says Ekpenyong.


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Special Adviser to the governor of Cross River State on Obudu Mountain Resort, Mr. Bobby Ekpenyong

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