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Lagos State Govt To Provide Regulated ‘Permit’ System for Local Film Makers.

by timenews
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Following the continued outcry from local filmmakers and industry professional on the state of affairs when it comes to on-location shooting in Lagos state in Nigeria, the state governor, Mr Babajide Sanwo-Olu has assured to put in place a more regulated ‘permit’ system and arrangement that will help resolve the problem.

A filmmaker in Lagos, said  she has faced continuous and constant embarrassment from so-called ‘area-boys’ and other street urchins while attempting to film at different locations in the state, adding, “It is practically impossible to do any work in this space”.

Addressing newsmen in Lagos, the government regretted that filmmakers were frequently subjected to all forms of harassments and extortions when they come to the city to shoot.

He therefore stressed the need to institute a rules-based permit system, saying that: “If you are going to film somewhere, there are rules that will guide you. Maybe you might need just a little permit, making it easier to be able to do your thing”.

The state governor expressed  hope that filmmakers would seek, and obtain the appropriate permissions before shooting on people’s properties and facilities.

He further said “part of the problem we have in Lagos is that everyone thinks that everything is open to everyone. Nobody has a monopoly of anything.


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