Home News Trucks Approaching Ports henceforth to emerge from Approved Parks  –  NPA

Trucks Approaching Ports henceforth to emerge from Approved Parks  –  NPA

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As a follow up to the visit of . President Muhammadu Buhari and in order to build on the gains, the Nigerian Ports Authority has announced that trucks approaching the ports should emanate from truck parks approved by it and the Lagos State Government.
The Authority also directed that  all truck parks should use manifest approved by TTP in addition to the ETO ticket. Vehicles not verified from such truck parks and on the manifest will  not be allowed into the ports.
The Agency in a statement further said that ”Manifest shall be released through approved avenues by TTP not latter than 10 pm of a previous day in order to be acceptable at the port. For example manifest of trucks to be received at Apapa tomorrow 13/06/2021 shall be released to Apapa port at 10 PM today 12/06/2021
”The LASG shall impound all trucks not on the manifest but hanging around port locations at anytime without additional notice”.
”The responsibility for ensuring all trucks reflected in the manifest   physically emerged from the  truck parks shall be that of the truck parks and TTP. At the port end, TTP would ensure only trucks on the manifest gain entry into the ports while NPA provides security”.
”The enforcement backbone for this operation as always is provided by Lagos State Government,” NPA stated.
Photo: Acting MD NPA, Muhammed Bello-Koko

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