Home News Federal Government is Insensitive to our Plights  -Ndubuisi  

Federal Government is Insensitive to our Plights  -Ndubuisi  

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By Ruth

A seasoned Freight Fowarder, Ndubuisi Uzoegbu has  called for government intervention in the increasing exchange  rate which is adversely affecting businesses in Nigeria.

Fwdr Uzoegbu who is currently the Executive Chairman Apapa chapter of National Association of Government Approved Freight Forwarders(NAGAFF) made the call while fielding questions from newsmen in his office in Lagos explained that most importers now find it difficult to import cargoes into the Country, while cost of clearing the goods at the ports have continue to skyrocket

He further said cost of goods in the market have continued to rise,  adding that the situation has brought untold sufferings to most Nigerians while blaming the government on its insensitivity to the plight of generality of Nigerians.

Fwdr. Uzuegbu lamented that many upcoming importers have been thrown off balance while old importers who were bringing in 20 – 40 containers at a time do now bring in less number of containers

On government intervention on the issue, the Apapa Chairman of NAGAFF said, “Government does not know what we are going through and there is nothing they can do about it. If this is a country where the government gives us low interest loans, that’s when I can say the government has a solution to do it.

“Unlike China, where their government assists their businessmen in order to remain afloat. This government does not care about the masses. They get everything they want on a platter of gold. So many of them don’t even know the cost of goods or food items in the market. Infact Nigeria is like a jungle where only the strong can survive, now assistance, am not even expecting them to do anything about the situation.

“Infact, I expected their intervention during the heat of COVID-19 last year, but nothing happened. They could have come to the rescue of so many businessmen including me because we lost so much, by providing soft loans for us who are employers of labour to keep paying salaries to our workers. A lot of people have lost their jobs while we are struggling to survive or put food on the table.

“So if it is a Country where such a facility exists, they will be able to provide a single digit interest rate which will not affect business negatively, with one or two years’ consideration for repayment.

‘The inability of the Central Bank of Nigeria to service the economy with enough forex liquidity has impeded economic activities, escalated inflation rate  and drove the unemployment rate to 33.33 percent despite oil price, hitting $75 per barrel.”

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