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SAHCO PLC Receives Senate’s Applause On Remarkable Performance

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… as CEO recounts challenges


The Senate Committee on Privatisation has applauded the Skyway Aviation Handling Company PLC (SAHCO) for a remarkable business progression in ground handling operations while adding value to the Nigerian Aviation Industry.


The committee led by Senator Theodore Orji made the commendation during an oversight visit to SAHCO Headquarters in Lagos.


Orji who led the team of both the Senate Committee and the Bureau of Public Enterprise (BPE) reiterated that despite the constraints that SAHCO undergoes, it has been able to break even and take up responsibilities that are not supposed to be theirs so as to provide excellent services.


The Managing Director/CEO of SAHCO, Basil Agboarumi, who received the statutory visitation committee from the senate on behalf of SAHCO management, said he was happy that the team had visited the company saying that there had been a lot of improvement since the previous visit paid to SAHCO.


He emphasised that SAHCO was founded from the ashes of the defunct Nigerian Airways and has gone through privatisation and is currently listed in the Nigerian Stock Market.


Agboarumi emphasised that despite the fact that SAHCO is a success story; it had not been easy doing business.


He said that sourcing for FOREX had been a major challenge because aviation ground handling is about quality ground support equipment and unfortunately, they can only be sourced abroad and these need to be paid for by FOREX.


SAHCO is domicile in about 20 states and all the commercially operated airports in Nigeria, Agboarumi highlighted.


He also said that SAHCO is the first ground handling company to bring in electric operated ground support equipment; this was in a bid to go green just like the developed countries are doing right now.


He pointed out to the team that since SAHCO was privatised and listed, clientele has increased immensely. This was a feat not to be ignored according to him, because pre-privatisation, nobody wanted to do business with SAHCO due to the decrepit equipment and demoralised staff.


“This has changed due to the massive deployment of brand-new state-of-the-art equipment and due remuneration of staff,” he stated.


Also, Agboaraumi stressed that SAHCO has some equipment undergoing clearing; some are being manufactured while some are on the sea being transported to Nigeria.


Another challenge pointed out by the Managing Director is the issue of paying 5% of SAHCO’s gross to FAAN with the expectation of making the ground handling business easy by providing the necessary amenities.


He disclosed that but the contrary had been the case because SAHCO has had to step in to procure some equipment so as to keep up with the global best practices; stating that one of such equipment are the cargo scanners at the warehouse in the Lagos terminal.


The scanners according to him is supposed to be procured, manned and maintained by FAAN but this was not happening and was hampering SAHCO’S business of providing top notch services to clients which made SAHCO to procure this very expensive equipment.


He also accentuated that while airlines are given zero tariff on equipment importation, ground handlers though operating in the same environment have to pay despite ground handling services being heavily reliant on ground support equipment.


He also stressed that payment for ground handling services in Nigeria is one of the lowest in the world; “it is something that is enjoyed by the airlines while ground handling companies struggle to keep afloat.”


The Chairman (Orji) of the team was awed by all the challenges that SAHCO was going through, and yet they were doing so well.


He said that according to his experience, most companies downsize after privatisation but the reverse had been the case at SAHCO.


Photo caption:

Senate Committee on Privatization, led by the Chairman, Senator T.A Orji (4th right) and Skyway Aviation Handling Company PLC (SAHCO) Management team led by Managing Director/CEO, Mr. Basil Agboarumi (Middle) during an Oversight visit to SAHCO Headquarter in Lagos.




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