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Freight Forwarders Call for Revocation Of Licenses Of Bonded Terminals

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Following the inadequate and inefficient services at some  Bonded Terminals in the Maritime Industry, the Nigeria Customs Service(NCS) has been enjoined to revoke licenses of ailing terminals to ease off  the sufferings of Freight Forwarders and Importers.
There are reports that the management of some   Bonded Terminals have bluntly and stubbornly refused to improve on their services, as well as provide  good  environment, equipment, or even fix their faulty forklifts for better services
It would be recalled that the NAGAFF 100%Compliance Team led by Alhaji Ibrahim visited some Bonded Terminals during their sensitization/Familiarization Tour where he expressed his dismay over the poor working environment and lack of working tools at some of  the Bonded terminal.
 Alhaji Ibrahim Tanko who is the National Coordinator, NAGAFF 100% Compliance Team, at  a Press briefing at the Team’s Secretariat in Apapa Lagos lamented the dilapidated condition of most Bonded Terminal environments as well as lack of operational equipment.
Alhaji Tanko further explained that during rainy season, their premises where Containers are kept are flooded with water whereas due to non functional forklift, freight forwarders are subjected to hiring of forklift for positioning of their containers before examination
He lamented that despite  series of complaints and petitions to the Area Controller of Customs, they are still suffering and paying high demurrages including shipping company charges, which according to him have an adverse effect on the economy of the nation,and the trade business.
The NAGAFF 100% Compliance Team Boss who is also the Vice President of National Association of Government Approved Freight Forwarder(NAGAFF)  Western Zone therefore urged the Nigeria  Customs Service  to set up a Committee to investigate their claims.
”We are appealing to Customs to try and assist us. Anybody who did not meet the requirement to have a Bonded Terminal should be denied the License and any Terminal that falls below operational standard, its license should be revoked. We are the people that suffer.
”60 percent of the Bonded Terminals we visited, none of them is qualified to be a Bonded Terminal. How can they operate without the public? During Rainy season, cargo cannot be examined in their premises because of the poor condition of their premises.
”We want  Customs to set up a Committee to investigate their claim. That should be the first step so that it will not be  only Ibrahim Tanko or the Compliance Team complaining. I don’t think anybody can just come and open up a Bonded Terminal without having a license and what is the criteria for opening a Bonded Terminal?
We need this Committee to be set up urgently. We are suffering here,” he added
Photo:  National Coordinator, NAGAFF 10% Compliance Team, Alhaji Ibrahim Tanko

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