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As a way out of the confusion caused by the botched screening exercise earlier scheduled by the Electoral Committee for the Council for the Regulation of Freight Forwarding in Nigeria (CRFFN) Board election, freight forwarding Group have called for the conveyance of emergency stakeholders meeting to resolve issues.

The Founder, National Association of Government Approved Freight Forwarders(NAGAFF), Dr. Boniface Aniebonam who made the call while fielding questions from some newsmen in Apapa, Lagos said the meeting will help the Committee to set things right.

“What they need to do now is to convene under emergency, stakeholders meeting. When you convene such meeting that is when whoever that represents Honourable Minister or he himself will now come and ask the freight forwarders, the owners of the act, we want to conduct election, we did it the other time it was peaceful, is there any amendment to be done in the old one? Just listen to them , after then, you go and formulate the policy,” he said.

Dr Aniebonam who expressed doubt over the capability of the Commitee to conduct a credible election into the Governing Counci of CRFFN. said the postponment of the screening of candidates without informing the candidates nor the associations is a prove of their unpreparedness to handle the task.

“As am telling you now , nobody has told them why they were not there.
You know this problem keeps occurring and reoccurring in CRFFN.

“How can they planned for such an election without calling for stakeholders meeting. The CRFFN act has a provision for freight forwarders Consultative Council, which is a platform where the registered associations come together and make input over a matter for the administration of the Council.

“You are running a kind of election, so to say, a national election for that matter, the freight forwarders through their body duly registered with the Council were not involved, something is wrong somewhere, either deliberate or not deliberate because I don’t know why,” he concluded,” he stated.

He, among other issues, queried the choice of Abuja as the venue for the CRFFN election considering the fact that 85% of the cargo coming into the country is Lagos bound in addition to the security situation of the country.,.

The NAGAFF Founder who is also the National Chairman of New Nigeria Peoples’ Party advised that instead of putting lives of people in danger, they Committee should conduct the elections in the three regions, South East, South West, Border and Airport.

“If they had listen to freight forwarders, why would you carry elections now to Abuja where 85% cargo are Lagos bound and you’re taking all these people under COVID, Insecurity in our country, on the roads, it doesn’t make sense.

“And in any case, are we in a position of start telling you that when we look at the 15 chances, Five South East, Five South West and Five Border and Airport. Are you not in a position under COVID, under insecurity in our Country to do those elections in those regions?

“What the Council needed even though second Council has been dissolved, is for the Honourable Minister under section 5 of the Act to give direction and character. Those powers made him to set up electoral Committee because what we have now is only the Registrar. The Council is not properly constituted, but the minister can operate.

“So, the three tripods that make up CRFFN, the Individual, the corporate freight fowarder and the associations. The Registered associations are used for administrative convinience because members of the administrative family are members of these associations, and they have been there before the Council came to be. They came into existence to bring all the contending voices together under regulation and control.

Dr Aniebonam noted that CRFFN is one of the best things that has happened to the Maritime Industry and freight forwarding as a profession hence the mandate is to provide a platform for better administration and management of the port system considering the importance of the freight forwarders

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