Home News Strike : Follow part of peace, High Chief(Dr)Azubike enjoins TCIT workers.

Strike : Follow part of peace, High Chief(Dr)Azubike enjoins TCIT workers.

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Photo:   High chief (Dr)Azubuike



As the ongoing strike by the staff of Tin Can Island Container Terminal (TICT), Lagos, entered its second day, the Tin Can Chairman of NAGAFF High chief Dr, Azubuike Ekweozor has passionately appealed to the aggrieved workers to settle for a round table discussion with management.

Speaking to journalists shortly after receiving a call from some of his association’s members that their demurrage has accumulated so much money that they might not be able to pay, he expressed his anxiety that this strike is impacting negatively on trade facilitation.

High chief Dr, Azubuike who is currently serving his second tenure  as Tin Can chapter Chairman  of NAGAFF emphssised that embarking on strike is not the solution to the issues on ground rather it will give shipping companies opportunity to smile to the banks.

According to the chairman: “The economy is very hash vis a vis dollar rate,  and that it is becoming extremely difficult to get cargoes out of the port at the moment, TICT facility has been shut down since yesterday and they don’t want to shift ground, shipping companies will not wave demurrages even if later TICT wave demurrages”.

“It is the final consumers, and freight forwarders that will bear the borden of demurrages because explaining to the importers will be difficult”.
He added that this action will further sky rocket the prices of some of these goods as a result of the fallout of the strike.

“All the profit my members would have taken home, would be put back into settling one charges or the other. Some might even lose their containers to shipping companies as a result of this strike action. They may not be able to pay demurrages or some goods can also get expired if care is not taking”.

While calling on the President General of Maritime Workers Union of Nigeria (MWUN), Comrade Adewale Adeyanju to speak with his members, High chief Dr, Azubuike said he is seriously and passionately appealing to the staff to have a rethink to avoid loosing  their jobs by this action  as the rate of unemployment is high in Nigeria”.

Reports have it that trouble ensued with the introduction of a controversial new HMO (Health Management Organisation) insurance plan, believed to have been activated without the knowledge of the workers.

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