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ANLCA, NAGAFF Alliance Not Negotiable.  – Aliyu

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**Oforbuike & his friends have no job doing..

**We have decided to pursue common cause –  Ajuzie
**We are not bribe takers nor givers.
Photo:L-R :. Mr Tag Nwoye, Technical Officer NAGAFF Compliance Committee;  Dr. Fred Ajuzie, Western Zone Coordinator, NAGAFF Compliance Committee; Alhaji Lameen Aliyu, National Chairman ANLCA Compliance Committee and Fwdr. Bert Okeke, Secretary NAGAFF Compliance Committee. Shortly after press briefing at the NAGAFF 100 % Compliance Secretariat, Eleganza Plaza, Wharf.
By Ruth Sunday
  1. The National Chairman, Compliance Committee of  Association of Nigeria Licensed Customs Agents(ANLCA),  Alhaji Lameen Aliyu has stated emphatically that ANLCA, NAGAFF alliance has come to stay.
Alhaji Aliyu who made this statement while addressing journalists in Apapa on Wednesday regarding  some statements credited to Chief John Ofobike reported by some online media over bribery allegation for the proposed withdrawal of service notice by freight forwarders against shipping companies, said both associations have agreed to stick together to fight their common course
He said the allegations of Chief Ofobike holds no me water as he and his friends have been expelled from ANLCA due to their activities which is against the association(ANLCA), stressing that according to the constitution of ANLCA, the only person that has the right to expel any member is the National Executive Council(NEC)
The ANLCA Compliance Committee Chairman further harped that Tony Iju Nwabunike’s administration had extended a hand of fellowship to them and they refused, pointing out that ANLC is focused and would continue to forge ahead.
”I am here to make some clarifications about what has been going around about ANLCA, NAGAFF.  The marriage of ANLCA, NAGAFF has come to stay. People both members and some Customs service providers, have been dividing us, but this time, we said no. We understood the fact that that is what they were doing and we said no. So we decided to come together. We are in the same profession, so we decided to come together and make sure things were made right.
”Therefore, those allegations by one Ofobike who was a member of ANLCA as I am talking today, Ofobike and his friends are no longer members of ANLCA. They have been expelled due to their activities which are against the constitution of ANLCA. We all know Law, as a good citizen of this Country, you must be a law abiding citizen. ANLCA has Law which is the constitution. All the activities they have been carrying out have been against ANLCA and  the only body that has the right to expel a member, is the NEC.
”We have extended hands of fellowship to all the warring factions. Honourable Tony Iju has extended hands of fellowship to them. He has tried the best he can but they refused. Do you know the funniest thing, when you ask them today who is tnheir President is, they would say it’s Tony. Which means they don’t have any President and  in as much as Tony is their President, and Tony chairs every NEC meeting and decision has been taken against all the warring factions. So What are they going round saying? As far as we are concerned, they are no longer members of ANLCA.
”Whatever marriage we have with NAGAFF, we are working together with NAGAFF and it has come to stay and we continue fighting together. Like some of you, what you see at Rockview during the CRFFN meeting, trying to make sure that all the shipping companies do the right thing. That is what we are after and we will make sure that the right thing must  be done.
”So as far as we are concerned, whatever they say does not hold water.   As far as ANLCA is concerned,  we are focused and will continue moving. I mean and I mean, nobody that can stop us. But if today they come back and show remorse, I strongly believe from all they have been doing, and everything, Mr President is still willing to forgive them.
”They have taken us to almost 13 to14 Courts for one matter. They are running from here and there to another place. Infact, you can imagine, to tell you the kind of people they are, they took us all the way to Kano, we discovered it was a kangaroo Court like what they have been doing here. All the Court issues, they had nothing to say. They are only going here and there to distract us and nothing more, but we made them understand that we are equal to the task, we cannot be distracted.
On why Chief Ofobike’s continued war against ANLCA and his recent posture as the spokesperson of  the shipping companies, Alhaji Aliyu said, ”Ofobike and his friends, they don’t have jobs. They only go about calling you Journalists, make you sit down and then give you  false reports.
”You see, with them, no news is good news. It is possible because that is their stock in trade. They must have gone to the shipping companies to collect bribes from them to condemn what we are trying to do but they will never succeed. We will fight and will continue to fight as far as our members are concerned.
“Ofobike and his colleagues talking about ANLCA, they have been expelled from ANLCA, so they have no right to speak for ANLCA. They have floated a group, let them continue with the group. By so doing, they have recognised that they have been expelled from ANLCA hence the formation of the Group,”he explained
Speaking also the Coordinator,NAGAFF 100% Compliance Committee, Western Zone, Dr. Fred Ajuzie, reaffirmed the decision of ANLCA, NAGAFF with other sister associations to fight for their course together.
Ajuzie who described the allegations of the ANLCA ,expelled member as false and baseless said, “we are not bribe takers and not bribe givers. Am a freight forwarder over a decade, Licensed agent, has my established ‘Pathfuse Investment Limited, and a broker.I don’t think that somebody at my level would stup so low to take or give bribe to anybody.
“We decided to come out and do the right thing.”
He lamented  that shipping companies have refused to have holding bays for their empty containers and had   continued to  extort  from us through the container deposit which they never refunded including arbitrary charges imposed on their clients(importers) which has down turn negative effect on Nigerians who are the end users of these products.
Dr Juzie who was a former chairman Apapa chapter of NAGAFF said, “freight forwarders are investors who borrow money from the bank to run their businesses. They are frustrating freight forwarders.”
According to him,”this marriage of ANLCA, NAGAFF and other sister associations, no one can stop it.. And what are we saying here  not necessarily strike. Strike is a global thing. When.  you are talking about strike, you are talking about withdrawal  of
service and we are responsible people. We called for a brief so that we can dialogue about issues and these issues are very peculiar and because you are not a freight forwarders, you don’t know what we are passing through.
‘Some one will borrow money to do a business and at the end of the day, someone somewhere will be making sure we do not get our money back. Can’t we cry out? And who are we crying for?  Our importers and members. Without importer, there’s no freight forwarders and broker. We are the one who speaks for the importer. You advise them to use this Line or the other. And after, when they don’t get what they wanted, they may think you are conniving with the shipping companies against their business.”
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