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RMC Organizes 3- Day Training For  Journalists in  Lagos

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A -3 Day  online media  sensitisation training virtual,  for health reporters and features writers with the theme: Creating Access: Community Participation For Women & Adolescent organised by Rotary Reproductive Maternal and Child Health (RMCH) in collaboration with FMOH and SOGON has commenced on Tuesday.

The training starts  by 11 am  – 1pm daily.

A letter of invitation made available to us, signed by its National Coordinator, Professor Emmanuel Lufadeju said the overall goal of the training is to inform all sexually active women and women and men that they can freely access family planning products and services, the benefits of using family planning products and services, where to get them and how to use them.
According to the letter, “It is our hope that information spread by the journalists through their country wide reports will contribute to the realization of better smaller manageable families for the people of Nigeria, thereby helping Nigeria to harness a Demographic Transition from its growing population.

“Effective family planning can reduce maternal morbidity and mortality resulting from child birth and pregnancy complications substantially”, it concludes.

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