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Putin Makes Stiffer  Policy Against Financial Crisis  Within War Period

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A report released by the Peoples Gazette, says Russian President, Vladimir Putin, has sent an important message to Russia citizens who are intending to leave the country amid the recent crisis.

Putin made it clear that he won’ t stop anyone from leaving Russia but every individual must comply with certain conditions.


PHOTO:  Russian President, Vladimir Putin



In a statement released by the controversial leader, it was stated that every Russian who wants to leave the country must not take more than $10, 000 out of Russia.

Putin believes this kind of regulation would help the country from wallowing in financial crisis during this time of war.

This is inarguably not a good time for Russia to run out of financial resources, considering the fact that most Western European Nations have turned their back against Russia.

You would recall that some days ago, the United States President, Joe Biden, banned any sort of transaction with Russian Central Bank as well as further implement comprehensive sanctions on Russian sovereign debts.

Biden said, ” I’ m announcing the first tranche of sanctions to impose costs on Russia in response to their actions…These have been closely coordinated with our allies and partners, and we’ ll continue to escalate sanctions if Russia escalates. We’ re implementing full blocking sanctions on two large Russian financial institutions: V. E. B. and their military bank.

We’ re implementing comprehensive sanctions on Russian sovereign debt. That means we’ ve cut off Russia’ s government from Western financing. It can no longer raise money from the West and cannot trade in its new debt on our markets or European markets either. “

Biden’ s statement seems to have forced Vladimir Putin to change its financial ruling within his own territory as no individual now who wants to leave Russia is allowed to withdraw more than $10, 000 from his bank account.



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