Home News Federal Government has hijacked CRFFN   —-Farinto ……..CRFFN  Is not An Agency of Government-. It is for Freight Forwarders

Federal Government has hijacked CRFFN   —-Farinto ……..CRFFN  Is not An Agency of Government-. It is for Freight Forwarders

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Photo:.   Dr Kayode Farinto , National Vice President ANLCA , CRFFN Governing Council Elect.
The Vice President of Association of Nigeria Licensed Customs Agents (ANLCA) and Council member -elect in the just concluded elections, Dr Kayode Farinto has accused the federal government of hijacking the Council for the Regulation of freight forwarding in Nigeria (CRFFN).
Dr. Farinto made the accusation while fielding questions from Journalists shortly after the counting and announcement of the votes cast for each candidate in the Council election in Lagos.
He made it clear that the Council belong to the freight forwarders whereby it is  expected to take the responsibility of freight forwarders, regulate them(freight forwarders), impact knowledge so as to empower them,  sanitize the Industry and not for government, nor  government agency
The ANLCA National Vice Chairman however assured that they  will redirect the Council saying, “the council is meant for freight forwarders and not for Government. It is not government agency .We notice that the Council had been hijacked by the Federal Government may be because of the Port Operation Fee(POF).
“It is our Council . It is expected to take the needs of the freight forwarders, impact the freight forwarders, take responsibility of freight forwarder, regulate freight forwarders, impact knowledge, to empower them and sanitize the Industry,”
“At the Council coming, We are going to speak with one voice now.
We couldn’t speak with one voice at the last Council  because of  the issue of the Association.
“The first time we were going to Council, Everybody was a  green horn , no experience but now  some of us are going back,  we expectwe quality team work and more understanding,” he opined.
On the poor performance of ANLCA in the just concluded elections, he cautioned that the Association should not be blamed stressing that democracy  is about the people’s choice adding that the people have spoken by voting for their candidate.
“Noo noo, I am not going to blame Association. Democracy is like that. It is like a game and  something nobody can predict. At times, the best candidate might not win, and whether we like it or not  it depends on the voters. The power belong to the voters and they give it to whoever they want to give it.
“What I can advise is that there shouldn’t be any bickering  because that is what affect the Council . If there is any internal bickering, it will not give us any sense of direction.it will distract our attention. There are too many works to be done,” Farinto said.
On the assessment of the election , he said , “there has never been   perfect election all over the world. The last American election, they accused them of some kind of irregularities. All the same, I give Kudos to the umpire, they have done their best,  even though it is not good enough.
“This Council that is coming on board will lay a better foundation for a succession. There must be an understanding. If you look at what is happening now, the Ministry of Transportation actually hijacked the election and conducted  this one. We have a Council, the Council is too  powerful that there are two many laws that empowers it to do a lot of things and this Council has power to form Tribunals but it was not put in place.
‘This  new Council coming, we are going to re-roll a lot of things so that in the next elections , there will be more sanity,” he concludes.

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