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NCS, Tincan Island Command, Nets in Over N135bn as Revenue in Three Months.

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By Ruth

The Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) Tincan Island Command has generated a total sum of  one hundred and thirty-five billion, four hundred and forty-three million, two hundred and twenty-three thousand, two hundred and eighty- three Naira and thirty-one Kobo (N135,443,223,283.31) Revenue between January and March 2022

“The Customs Area Controller of the command, Comptroller Adekunle Oloyede who stated this in a press briefing on Wednesday in Lagos said this is an improvement of twenty-two billion, seven hundred and forty-seven million, five hundred and thirty thousand, one hundred and twenty-four Naira and sixty-five Kobo (N22,747,530,124.65) only, representing 20.18 percent increase from the first quarter in  2021 which stood at one hundred and twelve billion, six hundred and ninety-five million, six hundred and ninety-three thousand, one hundred and fifty-eight Naira, Sixty-six Kobo (N112,695,693,158.66)”,

Comptroller Oloyede revealed that his arrival at the command signalled a new dawn in the overall performance of the command considering the emphasis on  his vision for a renewed enthusiasm in areas of discipline, trade facilitation and revenue drive devoid of extortionist tendencies.

He observed that the Tincan Island port commandj operations for the first quarter, that is, January to March 2022 significantly aligned with the statutory responsibility of the service in the areas of revenue generation, trade facilitation and enforcement/Anti-smuggling activities.

“In addition to the above, my mandate also included putting modalities I. place to boost export and increase revenue through the use of risk management mechanisms in identifying areas of leakages with a view to blocking them. It is instructive to note that the command’s operations drew inspiration from the theme of the International Customs Day, ‘Scaling Up Customs Digital Transformation by embracing a data culture and building a data ecosystem.’

On export he said, the Command has put the total tonnage of goods exported through the Tincan Island port within the period in review at Seventy-one thousand and fourteen metric tonnes (71,014MT) with a total Free On Board (FOB) value of fifty-six billion, two hundred and five million, nine hundred and one thousand, two hundred and ninety-five Naira (N56,205,901,295.00).

According to him, commodities exported through the command included copper ingot, stainless steel ingot, sesame seeds, cashew nuts, cocoa beans, rubber, cocoa butter, leather, ginger, frozen shrimps among others.

Comparing the total tonnage of goods exported through the command within the same period under review in the year 2021 and 2022,the Tincan Island Command Comptroller stated  that that of 2022 increased from 44,502.9 metric tonnes to 71,014 metric tonnes representing an increase of 62.67 percent.

Oloyede also posited that the FOB value in Naira of the above mentioned tonnage also increased from N31,371,825,954.00 to N56,205,901,295.00 representing an increase of 55.82 percent within the period under review.

.“The command continues to leverage on this theme to harness such facilities that have been made available on the NICIS II platform such as the Pre-Arrival Assessment Report (PAAR), Advance Manifest, Selectivity Engine and Data Analysis which to a large extent, enhanced our Risk Management Processes culminating into trade facilitation, expedited custom processes and ensuring the collection of appropriate duties and taxes”, he opined.

Photo: Comptroller Adekunle Oloyede, Customs Area Controller, Tincan Island port command.




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