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Stop Castigating Our Elders, ….Anene tells Sycophants. 

by timenews
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……save your energy for things that will unite us .

A chieftain in the Maritime Industry,  Prince Obums Anene has warned those in the habit of Castigating Elders in the Industry to desist forthwith and pursue unity, development as well as over all interest and well being of their members.
Prince Anene gave the warning in a statement made available to Time News Reporter in response to a Press statement endorsed by one chief Lawrence UBA, published by an online media.
Chief Uba,had in the statement castigated Elders, founding members and leaders of  thought in Igbo Maritime who were invited to a meeting by Dr Boniface Aniebonam, Founder of National Association of Government Approved Freight Forwarders (NAGAFF) at the headquarters in Lagos to chart way of resucitating the Igbo Maritime Forum.
Prince Anene, who also is the Chief of Staff to Dr Aniebonam wondered why Uba and the likes would resort to cheap blackmail  and disrespect to Elders who had contributed immensely to the growth and development of the Industry, adding ….”Let me state clearly that those people that have spoken have benefited in one way or the other from these elders that they were castigating.

“I wasn’t comfortable reading some  people that has nothing to offer to the IGBO NATION castigating our leaders , calling them names and trying to show themselves as if they were sent to destroy the good works of our leaders, may be because of what they intend to get from their sponsors or for their own personal  interest. But let me ask question here, don’t we have elders again in the maritime industry or do we see ourselves as people that came from another planet?.”

The Chief of Staff to the Founder of NAGAFF recalled that in the said meeting, Dr. Aniebonam had called for the election of officers that would champion the cause of the Igbos in the Maritime , which according to him is a right step in the right direction which the so called ASIMPIN had failed to do.
He pointed out that Dr Aniebonam is a great man who had done everything humanly possible to rewrite the destiny of freight forwarders and equipped them with the required knowledge for them to move on with trade facilitation as well as have the ability to defend themselves in the cause of doing business in the sector.
 “ANIEBONAM have equally paid his deus and have trained over three hundred men in the sector which over 90% are well to do, so you that is talking, how many people have you helped and do you have anything to offer?. Pls let us respect people for whom they are so that our junior ones can equally respect us.
“The PG of Asimpin is well known to me and I don’t think that these sycophants will cry more than the bereaved because the PG that I know   will like election to be conducted so as to allow him concentrate on the community work the he was called to do and not allow people that are looking for one thing to get from him to drag his good name to the mud and the IGBO in the maritime sector are ready to move in the right direction and that was the motive of calling for the meeting so people should learn to respect our elders.
“Stop defending our Eze Damien because he is a man of integrity and he has a lot to do for his community. Go and work hard to create your own name and stop all these sycophantic  ideas of trying to get favour from doing nothing”, he concluded.
Photo:.   Prince Obums Anene, Chief of Staff to Founder of NAGAFF, Dr. B. O Aniebonam.

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