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NNPP poised to Capture Southern Nigeria. 

by timenews
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Plans are underway by the fastest growing party, New Nigeria Peoples’Party (NNPP) for full mobilisation in the southern part of Nigeria come June, 2022.
It is evident that the party has engulfed the entire Northern part of the country ahead of the 2023 general election.
A statement released by the Founder of the party, Dr. Boniface Aniebonam disclosed that in the Southern part of Nigeria,the party has started effectively  from Oyo  in the Southwest and Delta in the South South.
In the South East it said, “we have noted the worries of a former governor of Abia State, Chief (Dr) Orji Uzor Kalu, alerting our sister political party to urgently resolve the issue of zoning arrangement.
” He advocated for the essence of fairness, equity and justice to the Southeast. He insisted that there is the need to respect a gentleman agreement and ceed the presidential nomination to the Southeast of the party. In the event of not  doing so, , the need to consider the Northeast and or North Central became essential”, it stated.
Senator Oji Uzor Kalu insisted that if the advise is not hidden to the chance to the chances of protest vote may become inevitable in favour of the New Nigeria Peoples’Party by the affected zones.
“He is more worried that the new NIGERIA peoples party is likely to be the favoured political party in 2023 General election if justice is denied . We the members of the new NIGERIA peoples party can only but to state clearly that his worries are human but the truth is that nigerians are tired and they want a new order in our nation building.
“What Nigeria actually needed at the moment is the emergence of a strong leader who can take decisions to factor a united , prosperous and indivisible Nigeria built around equity , fairness and justice. A leader with open mind and fear of God to bring together every Nigerian to discuss on how we should live together as brothers and sisters.
 “It shall be responsible upon all of us and the government to understand that the various agitations are remotely caused by injustice and unfairness in the distribution of resources . .
“The civil war should have been the tonic Nigeria needed to kick-start a new beginning. Under the circumstance we call upon all God fearing Nigerians to join us to provide leadership in Nigeria.  What Nigeria needed is only but a strong Nigerian president to give direction and character for a greater and prosperous Nigeria of our dreams.
“We must understand that this is not the time to apportion blames on any person or group of persons because it is not going to add any value. It is not in denial that many of us must have in one way or the other involved in our present state .What we needed now is to come together as a people to restart Nigeria from the beginning. We the members of the new NIGERIA peoples party is poised to re-invent Nigeria and give it direction.
“We shall at this point appeal to the southeast of Nigeria to understand that it shall be fair to us and other sister political parties other than PDP and APC who were in government to exclude us from the zoning arrangement. This is because we have not been in government for the period under review.
“We share and understand their concerns and we promise to ensure that every Nigerian are brought together to live happily and contribute to our nation building. We all know that the various agitations are because of denials and marginalisation of segments of Nigerians. It is not a difficult decision to make by a patriotic and strong leadership.
“Our interest at the moment is to elect a God fearing Nigerian leader whose responsibility under the law shall re-event Nigeria of our dreams. And for the avoidance doubts one shall begin to ask as to what is difficult in bringing Nigerians together to discuss on how they can live together peacefully. What is difficult on matters of fiscal federalism and state policing. What is difficult about resolving the present insecurity in Nigeria. What is difficult in changing Nigeria from consumption nation to productive economy”, it opined.

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