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By  Precious  N.

A Customs Agent and ANLCA Chieftain, Chief Alfred Oforbike has come under heavy attack by freight forwarders over his recent outburst against Alhaji Ibrahim Tanko, National Chairman NAGAFF 100% Compliance Team.

Chief Oforbike had in an interview he granted an online media castigated the Personality of Tanko, calling for his arrest and prosecution for speaking against illegality and non compliance to trade rules by some freight forwarders.


Reacting to Chief Oforbike’s allegations, the APM Terminal Supervisor, Apapa Chapter of National Association of Government Approved Freight Forwarders (NAGAFF), Fwdr. Afam Iheanyi called on Customs General to unravel those behind the illegitimate transactions and revenue leakages in the port.


Fwdr. Afam who described the allegations of Chief Oforbike as baseless and unfounded,  wondered how Oforbike who lacked knowledge of the happenings at the port could stoop so low to engage in such cheap blackmail.

“The way and manner he is going about it is very very wrong because if you are not in the field, you shouldn’ go about laying false accusations against somebody you know fully well that is one of the biggest maritime personality.

“You should not be the ‘pot calling the kettle black’. It is a barbaric attitude because you cannot sit at home and be laying allegations that is not defendable. We condemned such act and they should desist from it”, Afam stated.

He said that 100% Compliance Team of NAGAFF was not established to sabotage the economy , “saying, “Nigeria is a great country and we will take this country to a greater height

Fwdr. Afam appealed to the Controller General of Customs to prevail on his officers to desist from participating in the illegality in the port and ensure equality services inorder to have smooth operations in the port.

He emphasised the need for Customs officers to resume work on time so as to ensure trade facilitation. “These are some of the challenges we are facing in the port and not for someone to stay in one corner and be blackmailing those who are doing the right thing.”

He posited that Alhaji Ibrahim Tanko has contributed so much to the economic growth of the Country, and warned that nobody should sabotage his effort
“They say injury to one, is injury to all. We are not here in the interest of anybody but in to interest of the maritime Industry. Let justice be feel on the throat.

“Those who are doing illegal business, forging the signatory of incumbent officers in the port should be made to face the wrath of the law. Illegality is very very bad. We NAGAFF members are not part of that. I have never seen our men doing such a thing.

“We want the government to wake up from its slumber, the DSS, the Police, the relevant agencies in the port and ook into the matter thoroughly with a view to curb sucgmh practices and avoid loss of revenue for the government.

In his reaction also the Vice Supervisor 100% Compliance Team, Apapa, Fwdr Adebayo Egunjobi described Oforbike as a noise maker, saying,”he doesn’t usually come to the terminal. Someone that does not come into the terminal, how can he know what is going on there? Alhaji Ibrahim Tanko is always in the terminal. He moves from one terminal in the port to another, so he knows what’s going on there.
So, Oforbike always sits in his office. He doesn’t know anything about terminal, so he is just making noise

“Alhaji Tanko is fighting for the benefit of all the freight forwarders. Everyone needs to do the right thing by making honest declarations and paying the right duty.

“Importer will give an agent job to do, while he gives another one to another agent the same job. You will deliver at the star price, but the other agent might not be able to deliver because maybe he has some kind of relationship with the customs officer, but the other one that cannot deliver his job , maybe he made honest declaration, and at the end of the day, he will be told to go and pay.

“That importer might see that agent as not being competent, but we are in the same thing together. It’s not supposed to be that way. Everybody has to do the right thing.

“If you carry goods that suppose to go for PAAR, go for PAAR. It will give you the actual duty to pay, by that they are not complying to the International trade rules.

“Those criticizing Alhaji were also those asking him to Intervene in their job issues. They should desist from such life,” he opined.


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