Home News 70% Pre-School Children Suffering from Iron Deficiency Anaemia in Nigeria. – Expert

70% Pre-School Children Suffering from Iron Deficiency Anaemia in Nigeria. – Expert

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By Ruth Sunday

A nutrition expert, Dr. Kanalio Olaloku said over 50 per cent pregnant women and 40 per cernt pre- school children are estimated to be anaemic in Africa because of low consumption of iron supplement.

In Nigeria, It is said that the prevalence of iron deficiency anaemic(IDA) among pre- school children is estimated at 70 per cent while about 31% of pregnant women takes elemental iron during the period which poses great danger to their growth, development and healthy living.

Dr. Olaloku of the Nestle Nutrition Institute, Central African Region stated this in her presentation at a Society for Media Advocacy on Health(SOMAH) one-day workshop on “Fortification, As. Strategy” and Tour of Nestle Nigeria PLC at Agbara factory, Ogun State.

The Nutritionist noted that micro nutrient deficiencies had been an enduring problem in Nigeria and that the prevalence of vitamin ‘A’ deficiency is estimated at 30% and 70% of women and children.

She attributed the malnutrition endemic in Nigeria to inaccessibility to nutritious food as a result of poverty, as well as low awareness creation of the vulnerability to iron deficiency anaemia in addition to low consumption of iron friendly diet which contributes to balance eating.

As a solution, Dr. Olaloku said that food fortification and supplementation are the primary sources for delivering key micro-nutrients needed to fight against the malnutrition scourge in the society.

While calling on government to provide good leadership and regulatory body to ensure iron reach food are taking into the market at a controlled price amongst other favourable policies, She also called on Women in Nigeria to provide adequate iron reach food for their children as well as deworm them every 6(six) months for healthy living.

On the role of Nestle Nig, PLC in addressing the micro-nutrients deficiencies, the Expert revealed that the Company is working assiduously in awareness creation on the importance of iron to the growth and development of children as well as pregnant women, and the impact of iron deficiency anaemia, the affordable and accessible solution in collaboration with stakeholders such as Federal Ministries of Agriculture & Rural Development(FMARD) and Federal Ministry of Education on better eating choices.

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