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……Threatens to shut down ports if no action is taking.


The National Association of Government Approved Freight Forwarders (NAGAFF) 100% Compliance Team has petitioned the Minister of Finance , Wake Edun over incessant server failure in the Nigerian Customs Service platform.

The association pointed out that the breakdown and failure of customs servers have in no small measure caused an unimaginable hardship, demurrage, loss of revenue, and serious disruption of services in the maritime industry.

In a letter addressed to the Honourable Minister of Finance endorsed by the National Coordinator, 100% Compliance Team of NAGAFF, Alhaji Dr. Ibrahim Tanko copied to Senate Committee on Customs, House of Representative Committee on Customs, Chief of Staff to the President, Secretary to The Federal Government, MD Nigeria Ports Authority(NPA), Executive Secretary, Nigerian Shippers’ Council(NSC), Commissioner of Police, Western Ports, Director State Security Service(DSSS), Port Manager Apapa/TCIP, Dr. Tanko lamented that stakeholders, who are users of the server are going through a lot in the hands of their teeming customers, shipping companies and Terminal Operators

According to him, the Customs’ server failures have trapped approximately 1,600 containers at major ports in Lagos, including Apapa, TinCan, PTML, and Kirikiri Lighter Terminal, leading to daily losses estimated at N192 million due to accruing demurrage charges imposed by terminal operators and shipping companies which charges amount to N62,000 and N58,000 per day, respectively.

Continuing he said, “we have an average of 1,600 containers trapped by the server failure in each of the ports of Apapa, TinCan, PTML and Kirikiri Lighter terminal respectively, with an estimated sum of #192,000,000(One hundred and ninety two million naira) being lost daily”, Tanko posited.

The 100% Compliance Team boss stressed that the situation, which had become a recurring decimal has brought tensions among the freight forwarding community, prompting calls for a contract review with Web Fontaine.

He further revealed that freight forwarders forwarders are demanding for a comprehensive overhaul of the existing agreements to address what they term “gross incompetence” on the part of the current service provider.

  • Part of the letter reads,”Where this sum is multiplied with more than two thousand containers that are equally denied exit from off dock terminals, due to the server failure/breakdown, the consequential effect is better imagined than experienced. This had been a recurring decimal over time with the customs service provider, namely, WEB FONTAINE.”

“Sir, it is now being alleged that a new outfit or new service provider has been appointed to replace the WEB FONTAINE. If that is the case Honorable sir, we respectfully call for a total review of their contract for the circumstance and situation has degenerated to unbearable state. We are taken aback as to why such outfit that has over the time manifested gross incompetence is hired and allowed to oversee such critical infrastructure of the Nigeria customs service.”

“Moreover, our association and other freight forwarders wish to know how and when the service contract was entered and consummated, why the server failures and breakdown is so frequent and unabated. There is so much pain and untold hardship, this has caused serious frustration, and also led to restiveness among freight forwarders. If not, our appeal and our untiring peace efforts, things would have gone out of hand”.

“If we may ask sir, howbeit rhetorically, how long will this menace continue unabated? Sir if this ugly situation is allowed to persists, we may have no other option than to shut down the entire Ports. Hence we implore you sir to intervene as soon as practicable”.

“We therefore sir, call on you to use your good offices to critically look into this customs server breakdown and failures that make the customs network and or servers to breakdown so frequently and offer a lasting solution.”


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